HommBay is started by me (an average white collar worker) who is exhausted from the drudgery of work in the corporate world. Long hours and eventually feeling unappreciated. Working is just a means to an end to pay my bills and it becomes no longer satisfying.

Weekends are so precious and few. You look forward to every public holiday, yet they come and go so fast. Gosh .... and you are already flipping through the calendar looking forward to the next break.. The feeling of “Sianz” starts to set in from Sunday afternoon onwards knowing that you have to go through the daily grind for the entire week all over again. The long hours of commute and squeezing into public transport where everyone is packed into a sardine can. And it doesn't really help getting into work with a boss that likes to give motherhood statements and solutions from their ivory tower, yet so out of touch with ground situations. So, how not to have Monday or weekday blues, huh? I think everyday feels like menopause. LOL.....

All too familiar? I am pretty sure my story strikes a cord with many Singaporeans.

Sometimes, you wonder is that all that life has to offer? Is that it? Only when you have a vision or dream, life then makes sense. There is meaning, significance, satisfaction, purpose and value in everything I do. There is a reason to get up every morning other than to pay for all the things I need or want. There is a spring in my step.

Deep within each and everyone of us, we desire something more fulfilling. I decided to embark on a different journey for myself. So, the humble beginnings of HommBay was started under such circumstances.